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No Experience required, just a love for the game of soccer, we are here to help you.  You must be 18 years of age or old to coach with us, or being supervised by an adult.  If you are interested in coaching our Timbit or youth programs please contact the office at 705-494-7388. 

The club is able to provide you with volunteer hours for those in need of them.  

U5 and U6 Game Day information

We want to make sure everyone is on the same page and that there is no confusion about what happens on your game day. 

You are scheduled in for an hour.  The first part of your hour is a practice.  During that practice you should be doing the drills that are in your 10 week session plan, this should have been in your coaching envelope.  If it is missing you are able to find a copy here at this link:  U5 Division    U6 Division  or you can contact the office and we will print one out for you.  These session plans have been developed by Jamie Smith, a Challenger coach that we had a few years ago.  The current challenger coach, James is there to assist you with the drills.  If you are confused or have questions about the drills please ask James, he is there to assist you.  There are normally three drills per week.  If you are only able to get through two of them, that is fine.  After about 20-25 minutes of the drills we ask that you take a 5 minute break before starting your scrimmage. 

During the scrimmage the teams play 3v3, for the U5 division and 4v4, for the U6 division, no keeper (goalie) in either division.  The children play for 2-3 minutes each and then you change up the lines.  There is no need for there to be a stoppage of play, you can change up the line on the fly.  It is easier if you have a parent help you with the line changes.  You as a coach cannot do it all and keep track of the children on the side lines.  If a goal gets scored, you do not need to bring the ball back to the centre to restart the game.  You can pass the ball to a player of the team that didn’t score so they can take the ball up the field.  Should the ball go out of bounds, slightly, just tap the ball back into the playing field.  If we stopped play for every time the ball left the field of play, the game would be slow moving.  The main idea is to keep the ball moving and the children running after it. The scrimmage should last for about 25 minutes.  Sometimes during the summer your roster will be low on players so the full 25 minutes may not work.  Please continue the scrimmage as long as you have the players’ interest up to 25 minutes.


Helpful Coaching Information

Please remember this is a fun and recreational league.

Websites that you may find helpful

Ontario Soccer

Grassroot Practices 60 week Plan - Active Start (U4 to U6), Fundamentals (U7 to U8), and Learn to Train (U9 to U12)

Canadian Soccer Association


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